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The Goldfinch Wealth Management Team is frequently invited to share their expertise on their specialized areas on various radio shows and other media outlets. They are also periodically featured in magazines, newspapers, and journals. Below is a sample of some of the places where they have been featured. Click on the title to listen, watch, or read.

Media Features

The Federal Reserve’s Fight with Inflation Could Cool the Hot Labor Market, Risking Stagflation

Ashton Lawrence (May 2022)

Increasing Home Values Spurs Downsizing Among Older Adults

Roy Janse (April 2022)

Inflation Fears Force Americans to Rethink Financial Choices

Ashton Lawrence (March 2022)

Ten Wealth Management Pros Who Were College Basketball Stars

Ashton Lawrence (March 2022)

Considering a Roth IRA conversion? Here’s What Investors Need to Know to Reduce the Tax Bite

Ashton Lawrence (March 2022)

Barred Broker Set to Fight Pro Athletes’ Allegations of Fraud

Ashton Lawrence (Feb 2022)

Volatility Is Rising. Here’s How to Protect Your Investment Portfolio.

Ashton Lawrence (Feb 2022)

We are in our late 50s and have retired with less than $1 million: ‘Did I jump the gun?’

Ashton Lawrence (January 2022)

Slash Your 2021 Tax Bill With These Last-Minute Moves

Ashton Lawrence (December 2021)

Your Year-End Retirement Checklist

Ashton Lawrence (December 2021)

Congress Is Targeting Backdoor Roths. Here Are Some Alternatives

Ashton Lawrence (November 2021)

Consider These Year-End Tips to Lower Your Tax Bill or Boost Your Refund

Ashton Lawrence (November 2021)

Does a backdoor Roth individual retirement account make sense? How to decide

Ashton Lawrence (October 2021)

What to do if Democrats ax the backdoor Roth individual retirement account strategy

Ashton Lawrence (September 2021)

These Year-End Tax Moves May Help You Save, Regardless of What Happens in Congress

Ashton Lawrence (September 2021)

Advisors' Biggest Annuity Concerns: Advisors' Advice

Ashton Lawrence (September 2021)

Alts May Provide the Lift 60-40 Portfolios Need

Ashton Lawrence (September 2021)

How Advisor and Olympian Roy Janse Translates Goals into Success

Roy Janse (July 2021)

Newfound Financial Freedom for College Athletes Could be a Game-Changer for Advisers

Ashton Lawrence (July 2021)

DJ A capital gains tax hike might sink stocks. Here's how financial advisers and their clients can stay a step ahead.

Roy Janse (April 2021)

Rising Yields Imperil Bond Values

Roy Janse (April 2021)

A Capital Gains Tax Hike Might Sink Stocks. Here's How Financial Advisers and Their Clients Can Stay a Step Ahead

Roy Janse (April 2021)

Effective Wealth Management Lies in the Three P's: Protection, Personalization, and Preparation

Roy Janse (March 2021)

Is There Correlation Between the Stock Market and the Federal Reserve Balance Sheet?

Ashton Lawrence (September 2020)

How the SECURE Act Affects Employers

Roy Janse (February 2020)

The road to an interest-only retirement

Roy Janse (January 2020)

Finding A Financial Advisor

Ashton Lawrence (January 2020)

Why financial advisors should be part of employee wellness plans

Roy Janse (September 2019)

Suffering from the Retirement Blues?

Roy Janse (June 2019)

It's Harvest Season for Tax Losses

Roy Janse (December 2018)

Are You a Public Service Employee with Student Loan Debt?

Roy Janse (July 2018)

The Best 3 Strategies for Millennials to Pay Off Outrageous Student Loans

Roy Janse (July 2018)

Clients Think Too Small about One Crucial Aspect of Planning

Roy Janse (July 2018)

Demystifying Medicare

Roy Janse (February 2018)

Time to Get Out of Bonds?

Roy Janse (September 2017)

Advisors Find Smart Ways to Help Clients Conquer Credit-Card Debt

Roy Janse (February 2017)

Commissions are Devouring Your 529 Earnings Gains

Roy Janse (September 2016)

You May Have a 401(k) Plan, but You Probably Don't 'Get It'

Roy Janse (September 2016)

Advisor Olympians Offer Financial Tips to Athletes Competing in Rio and Beyond

Roy Janse (August 2016)

Is the Stock Market Volatility Real?

Roy Janse (November 2015)