Whether for yourself or your business,

Our Priority Is To Deliver Personal Solutions That Serve Your Exact Needs.

We’ve been serving individuals, families, and organizations for over 20 years.
At Goldfinch Wealth Management, our team has broad expertise that covers financial and retirement planning. We deliver an integrated plan that is tailored to suit your every need.

While objective, expert advice is an essential aspect of why we believe clients come to Goldfinch, it’s only part of the reason why they stay with us. When you become a client, what matters most to you matters most to us.

Each recommendation we make, problem we solve, and milestone we help you achieve is grounded in our support for your continued success and well-being.

Financial Planning for Individuals
Where Policy Meets Your Portfolio.

Accumulation so your investments address your objectives and comfort level
Retirement planning, so you are well positioned to pursue your dreams
Estate planning, so you can pass on your assets to whom you choose
Risk management, to minimize any threats to your personal or business assets
Business planning, to help you manage and grow your business
Taxation, to minimize the tax burdens you face now and in the future

Financial Planning for Business Owners
A Fully Collaborative Approach.

Investment strategies, to put a plan in place that is consistent with your business goals, time horizon, and risk tolerance
Risk management, to minimize any threats to your business assets
Retirement planning, to make sure you have the right plan in place for your employees
Insurance Planning, to help ensure that your employees have the insurance benefits they need
Succession planning, to keep your business running smoothly when you’re ready to move on to the next phase of your life or in the event of unforeseen circumstances

Investment Philosophy
Protect, Protect, Protect.

The majority of people save and invest their money to accomplish a specific goal.

Whether your plan is to spend the funds during retirement, your kids’ college, a new home, charity, inheritance, or save it for a rainy day – many clients save and invest to spend their assets or to give them away. If the money that is intended to be spent or given away is not available when it is needed, then a problem exists. This is where it is extremely important to protect your assets.

Before you can protect an asset, you first must understand what you are trying to protect against. Different investment strategies and products can be used to provide protection against a variety of risks – including a larger pullback in the broad market.

Here at Goldfinch Wealth Management, we use a software tool that 87 of the top Fortune 100 firms utilize to help manage money. This software tool is powered by:

This allows our team to better articulate the risks you are taking within your accounts; as well as provide insights on how we can mitigate the risks of different market events.
We aim to
preserve your capital, grow your portfolio, & reduce your risks.
Our underlying strategy is to stay the course, but be tactical enough to respond to changing market environments and economic conditions.
The Value of a Good Advisor
While there is value in a great investment allocation, we believe more value is added from true comprehensive financial planning. A skilled financial advisor will be able to provide insights into areas of life that you may not even be aware of. At Goldfinch Wealth Management, we work to help you formulate, monitor, adjust, and meet your personal and financial goals.
Restore Order
What would give you a greater sense of control?
Strive to Provide
a Sense of Ease
What concerns you the most financially?
Lifestyle Objectives
What would give you your highest quality of life?
The Molecular Map of Wealth Management
Hundreds of elements make up the vast interconnected universe that is wealth management. Take a look at how partnering with an experienced guide can help you manage the complexity to pursue your goals.